Medical Transcription Services

Global Edge is a California based entity specializing in providing customer focused Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services. Healthcare’s current economic environment is such that even established service providers are finding it challenging to maximize their potential and drive sustainable growth. Forcing them to look for solutions to issues like the rising cost of operations, lowered reimbursement rates, shortage of skilled labor, high staff turnover, the expense of training, and increased regulations. Partnering with Global Edge for outsourced services will provide the opportunity to:

  • Reduce payroll & operational costs.
  • Boost revenues & maximize shareholder value.
  • Improved patient and physician satisfaction.
  • Reduce staffing issues and training time.
  • Maximize efficiencies and economies of scale.
  • Improve workflows; centralize services & specialization of tasks.

As a single outlet for all primary healthcare business services – transcription, coding, billing, AR follow up and Denial management – Global Edge offers reliable and cost effective solutions to today’s busy healthcare industry. Ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, medical centers, and private physician practices now need only one partner to manage all of their medical documentations and revenue recovery programs. Our cutting edge HIPAA-compliant technologies, and a large pool of highly trained and process oriented personnel ensure very strong and timely deliverables.